We have summarized some frequently asked questions by users, and the answers are as follows

  • How the set is composed of the drums?

        Crash cymbal, ride cymbal, open/close Hi-Hat, snare drum, bass drum, high tom, mid tom, low tom.

  • Is the 3.5mm headphone jack available?

        Yes, drum console can be connected to 3.5mm earphone jack.

  • Can you plug into or Bluetooth to a speaker?

        Use 3.5mm audio jack to connect earphones and speakers, but cannot connect to speakers via Bluetooth.

  • Can it be used for left-handed drummers?

        Yes, select "Left-Handed HyperDrum" on the product page to place your order.

  • Will HyperDrum still be able to play on surfaces? Like a drum pad or a pillow, table?

        We suggest not to use HyperDrum in this way because HyperDrum is not designed to be used for knocking or

        hitting real objects.

  • What are the differences between the same type of air drums?The size is closer to the real drumstick and the drum console is our original design, it makes the connection between devices faster and you can play without any app. It makes low-latency of the drumming. You can also push the music to the drum console through your mobile phone, and remix the music and drum sound.

  • Does it come with foot pedals for bass drum and Hi-hat?

        HyperDrum has two foot sensors that can simulate bass drum and Hi-Hat.

  • Does it allow double bass? How does it work?

        HyperDrum supports the double bass function. Hi-Hat is become a Bass Drum when you press the power key 3 time.

  • How does the hi-hat function to get semi-closed or in between sounds? Or is it just open and closed?Hi-hat has three functions: Lay the left foot flat, when the drumstick hits the hi-hat, it will make a closed sound; Lift the left foot, when the drumstick hits the hi-hat, it will make an open sound. When the left foot quickly lifts and lays flat, it will make a closed sound.
  • Can they connect to a recording software?
  • Can it be used as a MIDI controller to trigger drum VST?
  • What about the sound, quality of it, can the sound be changed, via usbFlash, or network, any capabilities?
  • Can you use this to lay a drum track on GarageBand?
  • Can each instrument have its own balance setting?

      HyperDrum supports standard MIDI protocols and can support any DAW software that supports MIDI