About us


Founded in 2019, THEODOTS works with a dedicated team of visionary engineers and scientists, innovators of intelligent perception and immersive interactive technology. THEODOTS focuses its research and development on mapping human action, its movements and interaction with the environment. 

         THEODOTS is committed to making intelligent perception a universal technology. By creating innovative, affordable and accessible products, THEODOTS is able to deliver intelligent perception technology not only to the gaming and entertainment industries, but also to extend its versatile technology into the field of education. THEODOTS' core team of developers, programmers and engineers are able to immerse themselves in the intricate world of sensor technology to create systems that capture the level of detail and body movement required for any number of projects, large or small.

         THEODOTS continues to look to the future. We are constantly forging partnerships with the most innovative and ground-breaking companies in the industry. THEODOTS continues to develop new technologies and new products to add to its growing portfolio.