HyperDrum is a high-tech product developed by Theodots Co., Limited, that uses advanced sensor algorithms to simulate the function of drum set. A set of HyperDrum consists of 5 components, 2 drumsticks, a drum console, 2 foot sensors.
       Utilizing virtual reality technology,the Hyperdrum simulates an array of drum kit pieces,including snare drum, bass drum, crash cymbal, open Hi-Hat, closed Hi-Hat, high tom, mid tom, floor tom and ride cymbal.
      Hi-Hat and Bass Drum sensors are attached on your feet, When you lift your right foot to do a pedaling action you can hear the sound of bass drum; hit the correct position that you can hear the sound of open Hi-Hat when you tilt up the left foot. foot on the ground, the sound is closed Hi-Hat.

     HyperDrum Features

  • Simulates an array of drum kit pieces
  • Latency is less than 20ms.
  • Pocket Size
  • Fast connection, sample setup.
  • Remix Music & Drumming
  • Double Bass
  • Support MIDI protocol, Support Logic Pro X, Cubase and other DAW software.
  • Vibration feedback

Product Details & Ordering

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