What can you do when you find that your drumsticks become inaccurate?

Our drum sticks have a variety of built-in precision sensors, and we use these sensors to calculate the relative position of each drum. However, there are differences in the magnetic field environment around the world, and these sensors are also affected by strong magnets, these reasons will cause the drum sticks to hit the drum inaccurately

       To explain the effect of magnets on the sensor, let’s take the following video as an example. The phone will have the same sensors as our drumsticks. Open the compass APP and move the phone close to the AirPods box with the magnet. The phone’s compass won’t work immediately.

How to make factory calibration

If you find that the drum sticks are still inaccurate after calibration.Firstly, check whether you are carrying something with strong magnets such as AirPods, etc., and you can also calibrate the drum sticks in factory mode by the method described in the video below.

1.Quickly press the power key of drum stick 6 times, the status indicator of drum stick blinks yellow.

2.Lays the drumstick flat on a level, quiet tabletop until the indicator of the drum stick changes from yellow to blink pink.

3.Pick up drum sticks and drawin the air, the indicator of the drum stick changes from blinks pink to blink blue or steady cyan(If they are connected by drum console)