RD engineer told you how to improve the accuracy of hitting

Use the following methods to improve the accuracy of hitting after practice.

Firstly, watch the video when you get the HyperDrum.

Secondly, you need to understand the design principles of this product.The action of hitting of this virtual drum is different from the real drum. We judge by the relative angle of the drum sticks when it hits in the air, not the position of the drumsticks.


There are some tips for using this product,the following information is important

1.The 45 degree angle calibration is very important, every time you want to play HyperDrum,when you sit down., you need to first 45 degrees angle calibration after you calibrate, you sit in a position to move, you need to recalibrate. But you can also try different angles for calibration, including upwarping the tip of the drumstick slightly during calibration.you use different angle calibrations, and the angle of the sticks will be different when you hit each drum.

2.When you hit the drums, hands should not be too close to the power key of the drumsticks, avoid your finger pressing the power key while drumming and the drumsticks being calibrated in the wrong position.(When you're hitting the drums and you found that the LED on the drumstick suddenly flashes red)

3.There are a variety of sensors built into the drumsticks, so when you find that the drumsticks are inaccurate, you will need to recalibrate the sensors in factory mode.


When you find that your Hi-Hat's Open and Closed status is not correct,the way you calibrate the Hi-Hat for factory mode.

Quickly press the Hi-Hat's power button 8 times until the Hi-Hat's light flashes, then place the Hi-Hat flat on the table and wait 5 seconds for the factory calibration mode to complete

4.The best angle for drumstick hitting

When hitting the Hi-Hat, Snare, and Low Tom, drumsticks maintain a horizontal position for best accuracy. The drumsticks hit the Hi-Hat at a different angle than the real drums, with the drumsticks angled closer to the left side.

When hitting Crash, High-Tom, Mid-Tom, and Ride, drumsticks maintain a natural 60° angle from horizontal.

Best hitting angle for Crash,High-Tom,Mid-Tom and Ride




You can feel a noticeable latency when you hit the drums. I suggest you test it with the headphones that come in our box, as we've found that some speakers with an EQ function will do sound processing before the drums are outputted, this will cause a latency issue.

In this video, you can see the same position, different angles will trigger different drum sounds.

This product has a learning curve and requires a lot of practice. Attached is a video of the exercise.

If you don't have any drumming experience, you can learn basic rhythm from the link below