Kickstarter Crowdfunding Successful Projects

HyperDrum: Portable Virtual Drum Kit campaign was funded on KickStarter successfully, and took the lead in completing the delivery under the condition of overcoming the global IC shortage and airfreight rates have risen sharply.


❤️This $110K+ milestone is just the beginning, if some of your friends missed special offers on Kickstarter, don't worry, HyperDrum is still available on Theodots official website.


⭐About HyperDrum⭐


-✅Intelligent drum stick: Portable Virtual Drum Kit,the size is the same as the real drum stick, and the weight is only 50g.

-✅This virtual drumkit has 5 components: 2 drum sticks, 1 bass drum, 1 hi-hat and 1 drum console. Uses virtual reality technology to simulate various components of the drum kit, Including 1 snare, 3 toms, 1 crash, 1 ride, 1 hi-hat and Bass Drum played by 2 foot Sensors. The whole design restores the drumming process of the drum kit, simple and interesting.   

-✅Very easy to use -- Turn it on and play: Press the button, and you’re ready to drum.

-✅You can wear eardphones to play this drum without disturbing others or play it out with speaker,Share happiness with others.

-✅Advanced gesture recognition algorithm and Kalman filtering technology brings Accurate rapid ( 20ms level Ultra-low delay) and super stable connection.

-✅Press the side button on Hi-hat 3 times quickly, will turn Hi-hat to Bassdrum, now you'll have 2 Bassdrum.

-✅This fashionable and interesting drum stick set is very suitable for cultivating young people's interest in drum kit. He/She will be coolest person in any party. After all, who doesn't want to be the focus of the party? This winter, start your party with this electronic air drum stick set!


Improvise freely anytime & anywhere with powerful sound and dynamic rhythm.

Theodots Team