How to correctly recognize Hyperdrum as a MIDI input device by Win10 computer

The software you need to download and install.


This software can be used to create virtual loopback MIDI-ports to interconnect applications on Windows that want to open hardware-MIDI-ports for communication.


You can download and install it in Microsoft Store.

Through this software, you can send MIDI signals from INPUT to OUTPUT via MIDIberry, between different MIDI devices. Support Bluetooth MIDI (BLE MIDI / MIDI over Bluetooth LE)


loopMIDI Setup

Click + to create an output port

Connect the Drum Console to the WIN10 computer via Bluetooth

Our Drum Console is dual-mode, one is BLE MIDI, the device name Theodots (MIDI), If you want to use HyperDrum as a MIDI trigger, you need to connect your computer to Theodots (MIDI).

The other is classic bluetooth, the device name Theodots, In this mode, you can push the music from your phone to the Drum console and output it through headphones or speakers.


MIDIberry Setup

MIDIberry Setup

INPUT select Theodots (MIDI), OUTPUT select MIDIPort1(This is the name you set on loopMIDI)

After the setting is successful, you hit the drum sticks, and the data can be detected in the INPUT MONITOR.

At this time, loopMIDI can also receive data


When you use VST software, you need to select MIDIPort1 in the INPUT of the settings