How to connect HyperDrum to MacOS & iOS

Use Audio MIDI Setup on Mac to set up MIDI devices

1. In the“Audio MIDI Setup”app on your Mac, choose Window -> Show MIDI Studio.

2. Click the bluetooth icon in the upper right corner -> Bluetooth configuration

3. Find the device "Theodots (MIDI)" in the list and click Connect

How to connect HyperDrum to your iPhone

1.Turn bluetooth on in the iPhone settings, but don't connect to our Drum Console in the bluetooth device list.

2.Open GarageBand APP, Click on the icon pointed to by the arrow to enter GarageBand's settings menu.

3.Choose "Advanced".

4. Choose Bluetooth MIDI Devices.

5.Search for the Bluetooth MIDI device "Theodots (MIDI)", click to connect

6.Back to the main interface, Drum sticks are ready to use, it should be noted that the sound is output from your iPhone, not speaker.

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